Too Art for TV 4
Group Exhibition

Opening reception - Friday, September 18th, 6pm-9:30pm

September 18th, 2009 through October 17th, 2009

Erebuni is proud to present Too Art for TV 4, the fourth annual fine art exhibit for the animation industry. Featuring new works by 37 artists; Too Art for TV 4 is the largest and most vibrant show in this exhibit's history.

Animation artists are pop culture wranglers with strong design skills and a love of whimsy. Their profession is collaborative by necessity; an animated production needs many skilled hands to come to life, but the individual gets lost. Too Art for TV provides an annual opportunity for animation’s creatives to strut their stuff, unencumbered.

Featuring the international interactive downloadables known as "Cubeecraft" by Christopher Beaumont, the striking and bold beard-paintings of Devin Clark, the larger-than-life obsessive drawings of Elliot Cowan, the spinning "cinetropes" of film artist Eric Dyer, the dry wit of Chris George’s acrylics, the bright and huge murals of Andrew Bell, plus a wide variety of paintings, sculptures, toys, and video art by many more.
Music/DJ Veronica Vasicka from Minimal Wave / East Village Radio

Liz Artinian
Amanda Baehr-Fuller
Christopher Beaumont
Andrew Bell
Robert Bohn
Connie Li Chan
Devin Clark
Eliot Cowan
Jared Deal
Kelly Denato
Eric Dyer
Maya Edelman
Jon Ehrenberg
Christopher Fisher
Chris George
Kenneth B Gore
Edmond Hawkins
Jen Hill
Stephen Irwin
Marta Maria Jonsdottir
Thomas Knowler
Eileen Kohlhepp
Peter J. Lazarski
Eric Leiser
Adam Levine
Dave Lipson
Todd Kidwell Lown
Richard Mather
Cynthea Satsuki Mazur
Margaret Meyer
Jessica Milazzo
Nate Milton
Michael Mucci
Deodato Pangandoyon
Alex Smith
Zartosht Soltani
Ryan Sovereign
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