Too Art for TV
Group Exhibition

Opening reception - Friday, January 13th 2006, 7pm-10pm

January 13th through February 13th 2006

Stay Gold Gallery

The Stay Gold Gallery rings in the new year shouting Too Art for TV, a visual declaration of self-rule from New York's animation industry. Presenting the animated and painted works of 24 artists from 10 different animation studios around the city, "Too Art for TV" is a multimedia peek into animated minds long repressed by television’s corporate demands.

Tremendous talent is consumed to produce a television cartoon series. Artists in the industry must be the best draftsmen and painters that art schools produce, yet their careers leave little time for individual creativity. "Too Art for TV!" pools together the toys, prints, drawings, paintings, and comics of a talented workforce breaking free.

Featuring the artists that bring to life beloved cartoons such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Fox Network), Code Name: Kids Next Door (Cartoon Network), Stanley (Disney TV), Venture Brothers (Adult Swim), Daria (MTV Animation), Blue's Clues (Nick JR), and more. Join Stay Gold and proclaim their first show of the year "Too Art for TV!"



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