Rate Of Light
Eric Dyer
Solo Pop-Up Exhibition

Opening reception - Saturday, March 9th, 7pm-10pm

March 8th, 2013 through March 10th, 2013

BROOKLYN, NY (RELEASE March 8th, 2013) — Bunnycutlet Gallery is pleased to present Rate of Light, a pop-up video installation that resurrects the zoetrope and gives physical presence to the wonder of animation, by the artist Eric Dyer.

The earliest projected moving images were displayed using a “zoetrope,” a simple cylindrical device adorned with a succession of sequential photos. As the cylinder would spin, viewers could experience the illusion of animated motion by either looking through slits in the cylinder or watching the zoetrope spin under a flickering light. For those who were the first to witness it, the effect was terrifying, magical, and awe inspiring.

For Rate of Light, Dyer spins his own library of hand built zoetropes, adorned with abstract images or repetitious identical still objects, to create, when spun and projected, a kind of “visual grammar” of loops and spirals. The result is a unique abstract film, changing live as he spins his images, making him a kind of animation-jockey as he works. The resulting visuals create spontaneity and serendipity, adding the physical presence and mood of the artist to the tempo and design of the animation itself.

In the artist’s own words, “It seems that the moving image has become almost dismissively commonplace, void of its former novelty and power to impact viewers viscerally… I am interested in how the right-here-right-now aspect of performing these animations might rekindle the physicality of the moving image.”

On Saturday, March 9th,to celebrate Williamsburg’s neighborhood-wide After Hours event for the Armory show, Dyer’s performance will be joined by the talented Brooklyn-based DJ Nithya Rajendran. Like two jazz musicians performing in “call and response” style, Dyer and Rajendran will take visual and auditory inspiration from one another, creating an improvised conversation between Eric's animation whims and Rajendran's incredible musical intuitions.
Music/DJ Nithya Rajendran

Eric Dyer is an artist, filmmaker, and experimental animator. His award-winning films have screened internationally at numerous festivals, including the Chicago International Film Festival, the Ann Arbor Film Festival, South by Southwest, and the London International Animation Festival. His work has also been exhibited at the Exploratorium, the Hirshhorn, the Smithsonian National Gallery of Art, Ars Electronica, and the Cairo and Venice Biennales. He was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship in filmmaking for travel to Denmark in 2005 and was a New Frontier Artist at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival. Dyer has taught workshops at institutions such as Connecticut College and CalArts. His current projects, funded by a Creative Capital grant and a Guggenheim Fellowship, involve making films and installations from large-scale spinning sculptures and live DJ-like performances of LP-size zoetropes.
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