Too Art for TV 6
Group Exhibition

Opening reception - November 9, 7-10pm

November 9th, 2012 through December 14th, 2012

BROOKLYN, NY (RELEASE October 10, 2012) — Bunnycutlet Gallery is pleased to debut its new space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with the 44-person group exhibit Too Art for TV 6, New York’s sixth annual exhibition for artists in the animation industry.

Too Art for TV started in 2006 for artists who, by virtue of working collaboratively (and semi-anonymously) in the work-for-hire profession of broadcast animation, needed a public showcase for their individual artistic endeavors – no matter how un-TV they were. Curated by animation painter Liz Artinian, Too Art combined well-known animation artists with up-and-coming ones, their conceptual cohesion being an embrace of the experimental and the whimsical, with comics, animation, and illustration working as an aesthetic thread.

Orphaned in 2008 when its original host gallery left New York, Too Art continued its annual life thanks to yearly pop-up galleries, funded and organized by Liz Artinian, and built with the help of exhibitors and countless volunteers. Distinctive from previous years, Too Art for TV 6 also debuts the new Bunnycutlet Gallery, an art space founded by Liz as a permanent home for Too Art, as well as for a broader art culture that embraces figurative art, pop art, and "geek" art.

Featuring new works by 44 artists, including first time Too Art exhibitor Vincent Scala, whose large acrylic paintings combine animation, horror, and comedy with vibrant colors. Also featuring paintings by Too Art veterans Kelly Denato and Jessica Milazzo - though their work differs aesthetically, they share a unique ability to mix metaphor and humor with a beautiful illustrator’s hand. Isam Prado’s drawings, while delicately drawn, are portraits of internal distress and bitter violence, contrasted with Christy Karacas’s massive-scale drawings, which energetically explode with cats, robots, and comic violence.

Peter Ahern
Edward Artinian
Liz Artinian
Chris Beaumont
Robbie Busch
Devin Clark
Jared Deal
Kelly Denato
John Dilworth
Maya Edelman
Alan Foreman
Chris George
Frank Gresham
Niko Guardia
Anna Hakopian
Jen Hill
Meghan Jean
Heather Faye Kahn
Christy Karacas
Efraim Acevedo Klein
Andres Kwon
Michael Lennicx
Adam Levine
Todd Lown
Robert Lyons
KJ Martinet
Richard Mather
Jessica Milazzo
Dagan Moriarty
Mike Mucci
Stephen Neary
Justin Offner
Douglas Einar Olsen
Joohee Park
Dan Pinto
Gabriel Pinto
Isam Prado
Lyla Ribot
Mike Ricca
Derek Rippe
Vincent Scala
Justin Simonich
Irra Verbitsky
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Devin Clark
The All Seeing Ghost Bell

Acrylic on Wood
20 x 32 inches
Devin Clark
The Fire Breathing Meat Knife

Acrylic on Wood
24 x 32 inches
Jared Deal
The Elder Kinsman

Foam, Paper, Faux Fur, Faux Leather
3 x 3 x 3 inches
Chris George
Knife Points

Acrylic on Wood and Plexi
12 x 12 inches
Chris George
Lush Hour

Acrylic on Wood and Plexi
12 x 12 inches
Efraim Acevedo Klein
Grey Wolvz

Acrylic on Canvas
30 x 40 inches
Todd Lown
Crime In The City

Enamel on Wood
16 x 20 inches
Todd Lown
Style Wars

Enamel on Wood
16 x 20 inches
Todd Lown
All You See Is

Enamel on Wood
16 x 20 inches
Jessica Milazzo
Talk to me, Hairy Winston!

Watercolor and Pencil
6 x 6 inches
Richard Mather
66 and 7/8

Micron Pen on Paper
20 x 25 inches
Richard Mather

Micron Pen on Paper
20 x 25 inches
Michael Mucci
Nothing Sacred

Gouache and Graphite on Paper
9 x 12 inches
3 The Hard Way!

Mixed Media
20 x 20 inches
Derek Rippe
Aqua Palace

Silkscreen Print
18 x 24 inches
Derek Rippe
Fire Keep

Silkscreen Print
18 x 24 inches
Derek Rippe
Sky Castle

Silk Screen Print
18 x 24 inches
Derek Rippe
Stone Fort

Silkscreen Print
18 x 24 inches

Music/DJ Nithya Rajendran
Event Photography Brendan Adamson

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Peter Ahern is an animator, concept designer and art director. His ink paintings exploit classic “decoder” techniques that use lights or filters to bring forth visual secrets. His subject matters further play upon the hidden within, dealing with ideas of duality, inner terror, and hauntings.

Edward Artinian is an animator and effects specialist at Titmouse, Inc. His paintings explore "flash frames," an animation effects trick-of-the-eye characterized by two or three intense, high contrast bursts at the beginning of an explosion. Though flash frames are meant to be "felt" and not seen, Edward stops time to honor them as single works of art. The result is abstract, energetic, and visually stunning.

Liz Artinian is the founder of Bunnycutlet Gallery, a seasoned animation painter, and currently the color supervisor of The Venture Bros, and animated series on Adult Swim. Liz's oil paintings portray figures in a variety of surreal narratives, often highlighting a fascination with pattern, death, and underwear.

Chris Beaumont is an animation web designer whose clients include 4Kids and Sesame Workshop. Chris's free downloadable paper toys called "cubeecrafts" are an international sensation. For TooArt6 he will be delving into new visual territory with mixed media etchings on slate.

Robbie Busch is a 20+ years veteran of the animation and comic book industries, with clients like Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, MTV, DC, Marvel, and Dark Horse under his belt. Robbie's work embodies the spirit of Too Art for TV by re-engineering his professional style into personal works of art. Devils, dancers, and do-badders energetically explode on his canvases with beautifully drawn cartoonish abandon.

Devin Clark is the creator of the animated series Ugly Americans, airing on Comedy Central. His paintings utilize of hundreds of multicolored "dashes" that radiate from his entangled subjects with heroic glory. His work is exuberant, graphic, and exhibits the boldness of his comic drawing style.

Jared Deal is an animator, painter, and toy designer based in New York. Stylistically, his combines a bold and confident cartoon drawing approach with the charming aesthetic of folk art painting. For TooArt6 Jared will explore new and exciting visual territory with his large sculptural "animal busts."

Kelly Denato is an illustrator, painter, and animation artist. Her paintings are candy-like with glistening layers of transparency and bright, almost edible, colors. Her characters bask in a world that is both humorous and somber, narrating their fate with beautifully painted cues and symbols.

John Dilworth is an Academy Award nominated animation director and creator of the Cartoon Network series, "Courage the Cowardly Dog." Dilworth's inks on paper are visceral emotional explosions, often expressing what is dehumanizing, freakish and cultish with comic visual exclamation.

Maya Edelman is animator based in Brooklyn, New York. Maya's painting style is influenced by Russian folk art. The playfulness and beauty of her approach is contrasted by her themes, often revealing disturbing breakdowns in family, communication, and relationships.

Alan Foreman is an animator who whose clients include Cartoon Network, Nicktoons, and Sesame Workshop. For TooArt6, Alan's illustrative ink drawings are wryly nostalgic for an era that consumed us with "old" technology.

Chris George is a painter, illustrator, animation artist, and recently the character design supervisor for The Venture Bros. His work is part painting and part sculpture, layering together panes of painted glass to create a unique visual effect reminiscent of multi-plane cell animation. His personified creatures inhabit a folkloric world, hinting at ghostly narratives with wit and cinematic style.

Frank Gresham is an artist with a 25-year (and counting) career in animation, directing + supervising award-winning cartoons for Cartoon Network, MTV, Nickelodeon, Sesame Street, HBO, and more. Frank's pen and ink drawings are visceral cartoon tableaus that allow him to unwind his mind in his own drawing style. The result is elaborate, surreal, and illustrative.

Niko Guardia is a New York based painter and animation cleanup artist at Titmouse. Niko's oil paintings are influenced by pulp covers, film noir, and the bold compositions and colors of 1960's advertising.

Anna Hakopian is an animation artist currently living in Yerevan, Armenia. Anna's acrylic and ink paintings illustrate the artist's fears, anxious obsessions, and impulsive dark thoughts.

Jen Hill is an animator, painter, and children's book illustrator. Jen's gouache paintings assemble folk art characters in awkward, jovial, and comical ways. Her obsessions: personified animals, Nordic hunters, and beards.

Meghan Jean is a visual artist whose animation clients include LAIKA and Cartoon Network. Her work explores the illusive act of memory recall, combining portraiture and energetic organic designs to capture the fog, turmoil, myths, misconceptions and occasional truths that our memories provide us.

Heather Faye Kahn is a part time animator, part time radio personality living in Brooklyn, NY. Her work for TooArt6 combines horror-vacui (fear of empty space) and propagandist poster design to describe how people relate to their material possessions.

kaNO is an animation artist, painter, illustrator, and toy designer. His mixed media paintings incorporate design elements and urban characters, mixing cartoon and street art styles.

Christy Karacas is the artist and animation director who co-created of the Adult Swim animated series Superjail!. His large pencil drawings energetically explode with cats, robots, and comic violence. Masterfully drawn and without a single smudge, his work covers large swaths of paper with impressive heroic exuberance.

Efraim Acevedo Klein is a New York based filmmaker and assistant editor on The Venture Bros. Efraim's work for TooArt explores feelings of urban alienation and coping with adulthood. His compositions play a role in manipulating the viewer, drawing the eye in with surprising personifications, then cruelly restricting access to the full story. His success his ability to both delight and disturb, further embodying the tension within his concept.

Andres Kwon is an animator at Curious Pictures for "Team Umizoomi." Andres's paintings illustrate his own imagined and random vignettes, but they read like stills from an animated cartoon that have been re-imagined in acrylic. His work is characterized by a cartoonish style, empathetic characters, and bright colors.

Michael Lennicx is an artist, illustrator, and animation art director. His work depicts surfing with heroic glory. He paints on wood, incorporating knots and imperfections into his painted graphics, adding to the casual, organic serenity that his paintings, as well as the act of surfing, embody.

Adam Levine is an animator, illustrator and director. His paintings on found objects have an illustrative feel, often juxtaposing the stillness of home against the perils of adventure.

Todd Lown is a fine art painter who worked on the animated series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. His enamel paintings on wood explore narrative typography with a subversive twist.

Robert Lyons is an animation artist, special effects director, and filmmaker. His work uses a scratch film technique, taking film stock and then drawing, painting, stenciling, and chemically altering it. The result is an impressionistic "film" painting, alive with colors and motion.

KJ Martinet is a comic artist and print-maker, currently doing animation clean up at Titmouse Inc. KJ's silkscreen prints deal with the relationship between repetition, change, and cycles, and how that relationship can imply subtle narrative - an apt conceptual exploration for an artist in animation.

Richard Mather is an animator, director, and artist currently at Titmouse. Richard's drawings are surreal disentanglements of a moment, event, story, or random thought. People, objects, associations, and personified creatures come forward and recede, exhibiting the kind of emotional chaos that thoughts and memories evoke.

Jessica Milazzo is an award winning freelance director, illustrator and animator. Her work is playful, mixing metaphor and humor with accents of color in delightful and surprising ways.

Dagan Moriarty is a New York based art director, animator and character designer. Dagan's genius is his ability to infuse even the simplest of character designs with frolicsome personality and vulnerability. His cut paper works are direct, humorous, unpretentious, and refreshing

Mike Mucci is an animation artist with 14 years of experience in the industry. Mike's work often reflects the emotional turmoil of the proverbial creature, depicting the macabre with playful exuberance.

Stephen Neary artist and animator working as a storboard artist at Blue Sky Studios. His large and rollicking drawings restore hope in the simple joy of drawing.

Justin Offner is a New York based animator whose clients include Comedy Central and Cartoon Network. For TooArt, Justin creates idiosyncratic iconography, a combination of hoboglyphs and religious icons, to intertwine with depictions of the American industrial era. These juxtapositions, painted in style reminiscent of 1940's animation, often give his work a kind of warm, solitary, and nostalgic feel.

Douglas Einar Olsen is an illustrator, animator, and director, recently working at Titmouse and Augenblick. His video installation for TooArt experiments with the idea of presenting media as an objectify-able entity. His long-form motion image is kaleidoscope-esk, captivating with its slow, subtle movements of collaged media.

Joohee Park is a fine artist, illustrator, and freelance animator in NYC. Johee's vinyl cut-out installations combine cartoon inspired characters, geometric designs, and surrealism.

Dan Pinto is an animator at Curious Pictures. For TooArt6, Dan's mixed media work portrays the astronaut as holy figure. His mix of acrylic, ink, gouache, pencil, and varnish on wood radiate as a modern take on religious iconography.

Gabriel Pinto is a character designer and animation clean up artist currently working at Titmouse, Inc. Character designers in animation must interpret an actor's personality, as written in a script or story, into distinctive character features. Gabe's work for TooArt distills this process, taking a random story page out of context and instinctively interpreting it's content with a character design. The result as a whimsical play between narrative and interpretation.

Isam Prado is an illustrator whose animation clients include Curious Pictures and Flicker Lab. His drawings, while delicately drawn, are portraits of internal distress and violence.

Lyla Ribot is a character and motion graphics animator. Her large relief prints represent paranoid delusions and sleeplessness with a playful exuberance. This is her first year exhibiting with TooArt.

Mike Ricca is a character and motion graphics animator. His work for TooArt6 combines screen prints and acrylic brushwork, beautifully allowing pattern and subject to contrast and inform one another.

Derek Rippe is a toy designer for Nickelodeon. His screen prints explore "creature totems," often mixing great character design, bold geometrics, and a color palette evocative of print ads from the 50's and 60's.

Vincent Scala is an illustrator whose animation design credits include Dora the Explorer, Go Diego Go, Team Umizoomi, and more. His acrylic paintings combine animation, horror, and comedy with explosive color.

Justin Simonich is a director, animator and production manager at Sesame Workshop. His previous clients include Nickelodeon, Noggin, and MTV. Justin exhibits large works comprised of meticulously cut paper, with themes ranging from the political to the whimsical.

Irra Verbitsky is the president, director, designer, animator, and co-founder of Polestar Films. For TooArt6, she is exhibiting large oil paintings inspired by the sea.
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